Senior Pastors

Ps George & Bernie Franco


Youth Pastor

Ps Zane Howell


Worship Pastors

Ps Bernie & Laura  Franco


Youth: Activate (Grades 4-6)

John Paul Reyes


Youth: Ignite (Grades 7-9)

Ps Zane Howell


Youth: Connect (Grades 10-12)

Ps Zane Howell


Glow Girls Ministry (Grades 7-12)

Laura Franco & Kaitie Juggins


Young Adults (18yrs + )

Ryan & Renee King


Kids' Church (Grades 1-7)

Ryan and the Team



Creche (New-born - 5yrs)

Loren & Marc Nel



Lambs Playgroup

Loren Nel



Service Team Coordinator

Steve Juggins


Pastoral Care

Steve Juggins


Pastoral Care & Community Outreach

Steve Juggins


Recovery Ministries

Ps Bernie Franco & Sean McBroom


Discipleship Training

Ps John Sypkes


Prayer Ministry

Anand & Pam Govender


Mens Ministry

Ps George Franco


Ladies Ministry

Ps Bernie Franco



For any detail regarding any of these ministries please call us on (07) 5537 2240 or contact us here.