Senior Pastors

Ps George & Bernie Franco


Youth Pastor

Ps Zane Howell


Worship Pastors

Ps Bernie & Laura  Franco


Youth: Activate (Grades 4-6)

John Paul Reyes


Youth: Ignite (Grades 7-9)

Ps Zane Howell


Youth: Connect (Grades 10-12)

Ps Zane Howell


Glow Girls Ministry (Grades 7-12)

Laura Franco & Kaitie Juggins


Young Adults (18yrs + )

Ryan & Renee King


Kids' Church (Grades 1-7)

Ryan and the Team



Creche (New-born - 5yrs)

Loren & Marc Nel



Lambs Playgroup

Loren Nel



Service Team Coordinator

Steve Juggins


Pastoral Care

Steve Juggins


Pastoral Care & Community Outreach

Steve Juggins


Recovery Ministries

Ps Bernie Franco & Sean McBroom


Discipleship Training

Ps John Sypkes


Prayer Ministry

Anand & Pam Govender


Mens Ministry

Mark Robertson


Ladies Ministry

Ps Bernie Franco



For any detail regarding any of these ministries please call us on (07) 5537 2240 or contact us here.